Easily browse the Phaser API and Examples using this new online tool from the author of Phaser Editor.

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Arian Fornaris, the author of Phaser Editor has released the Unofficial Phaser Help Center!

He writes: "If you are a Phaser Editor user since the first version, you may know how much we care about tools for learning Phaser. Traditionally, I included tools for browsing the Phaser docs and examples, with a different approach, like the popular Phaser Chains.

I did not include all those tools on Phaser Editor 2D v3 because I want to keep it lightweight. So I created a completely new product, the unofficial Phaser Help Center.

This is an online tool that is free for all of you. It includes a view for browsing the Phaser API, following a hierarchical structure. The Phaser Files view shows the source code files of Phaser, and the API defined on them. The API Search view shows the Phaser API but following a particular syntax: the chaining of properties and methods.


The Examples view shows all the official Phaser examples, and the Examples Code view shows all the example's code. All views are connected to the Inspector view, which shows detailed information of every element, and all content can be opened in dedicated editors.


Just take a look! It is online now."

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