Phaser CE is the Community Edition. Read what this means and how it differs from v2.
The current version is 2.10.0 released on 18th January 2018.

You can also download this version from npm. Need more details? Follow this tutorial.

npm install phaser-ce@2.10.0

The previous version of Phaser was 2.9.4.
The last officially supported release of Phaser was 2.6.2.
Enjoy living life on the bleeding edge? Check out the beta release of 3.0.0

Which version should I download?

Familiar with git? Use the "clone" link to get the whole repo. The "js" and "min.js" links download pre-built versions of Phaser with all modules enabled (see Creating a Custom Phaser Build). The zip and tar links download an archive of the repository. If you're just doing a quick test then it's safe to grab the js files. However there are lots of extras included in the repository worth having such as Project Templates and API docs.

What's New in 2.10.0?

Version 2.10.0 - 18th January 2018

New Features

  • New game config arguments:
    • alignH, alignV
    • crisp
    • disableStart
    • failIfMajorPerformanceCaveat
    • roundPixels
    • scaleH, scaleV, trimH, trimV
  • New game loop features:
    • Phaser.Game#dropFrames skips renders when the game loop delta time is spiraling upwards (#314).
    • Phaser.Game#forceSingleRender can be set to false to reduce the render rate to match Phaser.Time#desiredFps (#313).
    • Phaser.Time#ups tracks updates per second when advanced timing is enabled.
    • Phaser.Time#rps tracks renders per second when advanced timing is enabled.
  • Phaser.Color constants AQUA, BLACK, BLUE, GRAY, GREEN, ORANGE, RED, VIOLET, WHITE, and YELLOW. You can use these anywhere you use a numeric (hex) color value: Graphics, Sprite#tint, Stage#backgroundColor.
  • Phaser.Game#pendingDestroy marks the game for destruction at the next update. It can be used safely within an update callback.
  • Phaser.Point#round rounds a point's coordinates.
  • Phaser.SoundManager#onTouchUnlock signal (#434)
  • Phaser.SoundManager#removeAll destroys all sounds and removes them from the Manager.
  • Phaser.Utils.Debug methods:
  • Phaser.Video#playWhenUnlocked
  • Phaser.Video#onTouchUnlock signal


  • Phaser now falls back to the Canvas renderer if AUTO is selected and WebGL context creation fails. Phaser.Device#webGL is now a soft check and doesn't create a test WebGL context. This is slightly more accurate (#402) and slightly faster (#420). Phaser.Device#webGLError was removed.
  • Gamepad input is now enabled while the game is paused (#423).
  • Removed gain smoothing for WebAudio volume changes (#385).
  • Updated ionic example project (#381).
  • Removed these deprecated items (#403):

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a false positive in TweenManager#isTweening (#414).
  • Changing a display object's smoothed property now marks the WebGL texture as dirty (#432, #433).
  • Fixed Phaser.Sound temporarily having an incorrect gain setting at creation time.
  • Fixed sprites not receiving onInputOut when the pointer leaves the game canvas (#429).
  • Fixed some TypeScript definitions.


@ankush-badyal, @Dreaded-Gnu, @Mertank, @pavle-goloskokovic, @photonstorm, @qdrj, @samme, @squaresun