The life of a janitor is never easy. But it's especially hard when there are 99 floors of monster and rat infested hell to try and clear away!

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 12th Feb 2019.   @phaser_


I get to play a lot of games here and it's always fascinating to see what you are creating. There are, of course, the more usual games like the match-3s or sokobans, or the more classic arcade based ones. And then there are games like this. That quite literally defy all normal conventions.

You are a janitor working your way up through 99 floors of monster and rat infested nastiness. As you emerge from the elevator you see a door. If the door opens and there is a monster there, you need to quickly click to smack it one with your mop. Too slow and it's game over. You then advance to the next room and do the same, finally reaching a reward, which can be a pile of money, or extra outfits, or even a machine to buy new 'weapons' in.

It's not all monsters, though. On floor 2 you have to leap over rats instead, and believe me, things just get weirder from there on up. At its core, it's a reflex game. If you don't react fast enough it all ends. You can spend your hard-won cash to not have to start from floor 1 again, which you'll want to do.

It's nice to see something this unique. Clearly, the author had an idea in mind and just went for it. Which is something perhaps more of us should do with our game dev.

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