Can you pilot your tank through the increasingly tricky levels to collect the cubes and escape in this superb action puzzle game.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 12th Jan 2018.   @photonstorm


Cybertank is a great action puzzle game that evokes memories of 16-bit classics. You control a tank who needs to collect all of the cyber cubes in order to open the exit of the level. Everything is arranged on a grid and you can freely move to any space, providing there is a path to it, by just clicking it. It's not all plain-sailing though as the exits are hidden behind various traps and obstacles.


Being a tank, you can of course shoot, and there are loads of floor tiles that perform different actions. Such as a mirror tile which deflects your laser shots, bending it around corners. Glass needs to be shot to destroy it. Ice makes you slide, water doesn't let you pass, teleports zap you across the level, enemy tanks need shooting directly face-on, ice can only be crossed once, and so on.

It's the combination of these tiles that make the puzzle levels up and isn't long before you're wracking your brain trying to find a new path through.

Nice retro cyber graphics, atmospheric sound and genuinely fun but tricky puzzles make this well worth playing.

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