A great look at how the interactive story book was created, and the challenges it posed.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 17th Jan 2017.   @phaser_


Dan Hett recently posted about how he created the interactive story book project Borborygmus with Phaser: "Recently I finished up work on a really fun interactive book project, Borborygmus. It's a beautifully illustrated interactive children's book for desktop and mobile, which introduces Borby - the mischievous little guy in your tummy who keeps everything ticking over, while rumbling loudly and making a load of mess.

This project turned out really nicely, of course primarily as the hand-drawn illustrations were already amazing before I got my hands on them, but also in terms of the fact that we built it in such a way that it works everywhere really nicely and consistently. I've had quite a few people reach out and ask about the underlying tech and approach, so I though I'd outline how we put it together."

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