A great 130 page book with full source code and assets covering each step of creating games in Phaser and Impact.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 6th Aug 2018.   @phaser_


"Impact or Phaser" is a 130 page tutorial book all about creating games in Impact and Phaser. The book is written in Spanish and covers several topics in an accesible and direct way, based on the core philosophy of coding as soon as possible. It's about doing something, getting to finish it, enjoy it while doing it and, if possible, learn a lot of things along the way. The author, Luis Quintana, explains:

"This is a general guide to develop a video game based on two of the most popular HTML5 engines on the web. We will make a game from scratch, that will end being ready for a 'Game Jam' or 'Compo'. And the best part of this process is that what we'll have learned when we get to this point will help us to create more games.

Two powerful HTML5 game engines

We'll learn to use two of the most powerful 2D game development libraries: ImpactJS and Phaser.

In a long lifetime, both libraries have proved to be robust and stable. And they have a very large community of people passionate about games, which assists in the resolution of doubts and problems.

We could develop a video game once with any of them and get an application compatible with any web browser, which can be packaged as a native application for IOS or Android, too.


Cloning an amazing game

The 'Gods will be watching' demo, developed in 72 hours for Ludum Dare #26 in 2013, became one of the most unexpected successes of Spanish 'indie' scene. An instant classic.

Develop from scratch a faithful and improved clone of this game, using the original graphic and sound resources. Along the way, you'll learn practical programming techniques using Impact and Phaser, and will solve real-world problems in record time.

Who is this book for

This book is intended for developers of different types and levels: even those with only few months of flight. In any case, having prior programming experience (in particular, being familiar with JavaScript and related technologies) will be very useful to the potential reader.

We will study how Impact and Phaser libraries work, and how a game is generated based on them. In practice, we'll cover a little part of game design, too.


What will I actually receive?

Accompanying the book, you'll find several files that include graphics, fonts and sounds, needed to carry out the project. The reader will play the role of the game programmer."

  • 130 pages explaining code and methodology
  • Files with running code for each step of the process
  • PDF, ePub and Mobi formats
  • Fonts, graphics and sounds
  • Two fully functional versions of the game: Phaser and Impact
  • Book updates and free support

Content summary

Game mechanics study
Create the project file structure
Game engine states
Creating the introduction
Texts and fonts
Game entities
Effects and animations control
Management of graphics and sound
Create a resources preload screen
Information on screen
Variables and actions
Structure of the response mechanics
Creating a debug mode
Improve outcome

Download a free chapter or buy the book for the discount price of € 3.95.

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