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My Game Builder is a web based game creation site. The concept is similar to Scratch, in that you can play games made by other users, rate and comment on them, and remix them yourself. However, the interface is completely different. There are visual game and map editing tools to use, but there is also a powerful code editor and asset manager. So you can get stuck right in with the code if you prefer that approach.


Lots of tutorials are built-in. You can work through them, earning badges in the process, or you can use them as guidance as you work on your games.

My Game Builder has been in development for over a year now and is clearly aimed towards students and teachers - although there is no reason why it isn't suitable for everyone. They've recently released the v0.3.0+ versions, which have added skills progress bars, hot reload support in the code editor, and a lovely new UI and dashboard.


The example games and tools are powered by Phaser and there are lots of related tutorials guiding you through making your own games. The community is quite tiny but this is to be expected as it's still in beta. It's changing rapidly and will be interesting to see how MGB evolves over time. It certainly has a lot of potential.

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