A frustratingly brilliant pixel-perfect action game. Rescue the other copters, if you can.

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Copter Rescue is frustratingly brilliant! Simply tap the left and right arrows to give your cute, square little copter a burst of acceleration. Gravity will soon pull you back down to earth though, and if you hit anything the level is over and you need to start again.


The aim is to collect the other copters placed around the level. To be fair, they don't look like they need much rescuing, sat there all smiling and happy-like, but that's your mission. There are also bonus stars to get for the completists (or masochists) out there.

Collision is pixel perfect and utterly unforgiving. It's close to soul destroying if you're heading for the exit, where you must land to complete the level, and accidentally graze a platform on the way. Such is the nature of this fun little game.

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