Pocket the balls in the time given in this beautifully crafted arcade billiards game.

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"Pocket as many balls as you can in this challenging billiard game! Adjust the direction of the cue and set the power of your shot. Be quick as the time is limited per level. To earn bonus time, make sure to sink the balls into the holes with a star. Can you achieve a high score?"


This is a truly beautiful game. The thing about billiard games is that they have to feel right, and the controls and physics on this are just perfect. The balls move, collide and spin together the way you'd expect them to. The shadows change based on the light position and the sounds are soft and muffled as you rebound off the cushions.


The aim is to clear the balls within the time limit. Sometimes a star will appear in a pocket. Sink a ball into that pocket and you gain 10 seconds on your ever-dwindling countdown timer. As the tables get more packed this becomes essential.

A great game and easy to sink time in to!

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