Playing games is fun, but making your own games is even better.
  • Build a 2D platformer from scratch
  • Updated for Phaser 3.55
  • By Thomas Palef
  • 110 Pages
  • Make your games Mobile Friendly
  • Tilemaps, Sprites and Game Juice
  • Over 1300 copies sold!
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This book teaches you how to build 2D games in JavaScript with Phaser! This ebook has two main objectives:

1) Build a 2D platformer from scratch. When finished the game is going to be full featured: player, enemies, menu, animations, sounds, tilemaps, mobile friendly, and much more.

2) Give you all the knowledge needed to build your own 2D games. For example a retro point & click, a clever puzzle game, an original platformer... it's completely up to you!

So by the end of this book you will have a real game to play with and enough knowledge to build your own games.

Who is this for?

This book was written beginners in mind, so it's perfectly okay if you've never made a game or if you've never heard of Phaser. The only thing required to understand this book is to be familiar with JavaScript.

Table of content

The 100+ pages ebook is split into nine chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Get started (setup Phaser, code structure)
  • Core mechanics (sprite, keyboard inputs, physics, text, etc.)
  • Scenes (load scene, menu scene, play scene)
  • Juicify (sounds, tweens, particle effects, etc.)
  • Improvements (best score, custom fonts, mute button, etc.)
  • Tilemaps (tilesets, tilemaps, Tiled)
  • Mobile friendly (scaling, touch inputs, device orientation, etc.)
  • Next steps (game ideas, tips to create your own games)

Note that when the book gets updated with new content, all existing customers get the new version for free.