We aim to produce the best quality HTML5 games possible for desktop and mobile browsers.
  • From mini-games to multi-part adventures
  • Re-skinnable games a speciality
  • Competitive rates

For us HTML5 games are our core business. It's what we focus on every single day. We were one of the first companies in the world to specialise in delivering purely HTML5 games and we've never looked back.

The HTML5 platform is constantly shifting as the technology matures and settles down. During the past few years we've witnessed quantum-shift levels of improvements in web browsers, and we're ready to unleash those onto your games. Just as we've done for many clients, including some of the largest entertainment brands in the world.

If you need an HTML5 game built. Or an existing title converted to HTML5, then we can help. Photon Storm Ltd. has been providing game development services for years. And our games are enjoyed by millions of players every day.

As the developers of Phaser we are in contact with a number of fellow game development studios across the world. So even if we're unable to take on your game, we'll assist you in finding a company that can.

What we believe

We firmly believe that if you are genuinely passionate about the field in which you work then you will fully embrace it.

You'll meet the people working in it. You'll remain current regarding changes in technology. And most important of all: you will contribute back by sharing knowledge. Empowering others with your code and tutorials as you do so.

This is why you'll often find us talking about HTML5 game development at conferences across the world. From Adobe Max, to onGameStart to the Montreal International Games Summit. It's why we work so hard on our open source game framework Phaser. It's why we write books and contribute to magazines and online publications.

Creating great games is just a part of it. Helping to build a sustainable development community is what powers it all.

Get a Quote

Custom game development pricing starts at $2000 USD. If this is outside of your budget then please try the services board in the HTML5 Game Developers Forum.

Interested? Send us details of your requirements. Specifically include the following:

  • Concept: Do you have a game idea in mind, or would you like us to suggest one?
  • Target Platform: Should the game run on desktop, mobile or both?
  • Artwork: Will you provide it, or should our quote include custom art?
  • Audio: Will you provide audio, can we use stock audio, or do you need custom audio?
  • Deadline: When do you need the game finished?

Please get in touch for further details.