A multi-platform IDE to create Phaser games. Packed full of essential tools.
  • A visual game level builder
  • Smart Phaser Code Completion
  • Documentation Search Tool
  • Huge range of Project Templates
  • Asset Pack Manager
  • Sprite Sheet Editor + Preview
  • Audio Sprite Builder
  • Constantly updated!
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Phaser Editor is a new editor to develop HTML5 2D games using the Phaser framework. This editor brings powerful features like:

  • A visual game level builder.
  • Smart code completion of the Phaser, ECMA5 and Browser APIs.
  • A great Phaser documentation search tool (Chains) plus offline Phaser and Editor documentation
  • A long list of project templates based on the Phaser examples, Phaser Coding Tips the Game Mechanic Explorer and others.
  • A great Asset Pack Manager and inline preview, sprite-sheets editor, friendly and complete texture atlas packer, audio sprites builder and much more...

Find out more details about this great app on its official web site.