5 Royalty-Free Game Templates. Full commented source code, PSDs and Guide. For use in your own commercial projects.
  • 5 fully commented Phaser 2 Game Templates
  • BlackJack - The casino card game
  • Coloring Book + Flood Fill Plugin
  • Jigsaw + Piece Cutter Plugin
  • Sliding Puzzle - With solver
  • Word Search + Plugin
  • Commercial use allowed
  • 10 Page Guide + PSDs
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The Phaser Games Pack 1 is a collection of 5 complete Phaser game templates for you to use in your own projects. You are free to use these templates to make your own commercial games. This includes being allowed to use them for client games, sponsors, publishers, portals, or to upload to app stores.

The templates include:

  • Black Jack - The famous casino card game.
  • Coloring Book - A free-form coloring app, great for making kids apps.
  • Jigsaw - A powerful jigsaw template, easily cut any image up, to any size.
  • Sliding Puzzle - The classic puzzle game, easily customised and solvable.
  • Word Search - A powerful word search template, with flexible word selection.

Got a client breathing down your neck with a crazy deadline? Then build upon one of our templates to shave off development time! Want to learn how to create one of the games in this pack? Check out the source to see how it's done.

You'll also get two Phaser plugins: A powerful flood fill routine that extends the BitmapData class (as used in the Colouring Book template), and a flexible Jigsaw piece cutting plugin, where you can easily use just the plugins to cut out shapes, with their own stroke thickness.

Each template contains the full source code, which is heavily commented. The games were created with Phaser 2.6.2., the absolute latest version.

We've kept the code purposely minimal, so you don't have to spend hours extracting the game logic from superfluous effects. Instead you can dive right in, and take what you need, or build upon the template and add-in what you need instead.

The templates come with the original PSD files where applicable, and a 10 page getting started PDF guide on how to use them.

Please understand these are not tutorials. Although the code is well commented, a basic level of Phaser experience is expected to get the most from them.

Black Jack

Black Jack Game Template

This template is for the classic card game BlackJack, also often known as 21.

To play the game, first set your bet. You start with $1000 in the bank. Use the
up and down arrows to increase or decrease the bet, then press Play to start.
The cards will be dealt, and then you can decide on your actions:

- Hit: Take another card from the dealer.
- Stand: Hold with the cards you've got.
- Double Down: Receive just one more card from the dealer, and double your bet.

The aim is to have a total value of 21 from your cards. If you go over 21, you've
gone bust.

See if you can break the casino, or go home shirtless!

This version doesn't include the ability to surrender, or split your deck,
but aside from that it plays a mean game.

See Wikipedia for the rules: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackjack

In the 'psd' folder you'll find the PhotoShop files used to generate the
UI buttons in this game.

The card assets are by Kenny Vleugels: http://kenney.nl/assets/boardgame-pack

Coloring Book

Coloring Book Game Template

A complete coloring book application, useful for creating kids games, or
merging in with an art package.

Simply select a thumbnail from the menu screen, and when it appears pick
any color from the range at the top and click to color-in.

The disk icon will save the colored-in image as a PNG.
The printer icon will print out the image (if the browser supports it)

This game includes an extension to the Phaser.BitmapData class. This
extension adds-in a flexible flood fill routine, with a variable tolerance
setting. You can use just this routine in your own games as needed.

In the 'psd' folder you'll find the PhotoShop files used to generate the
swatch and thumbnails for this game. The most important aspect of a coloring-in
game is the quality of the outline images in the first place.


Jigsaw Game Template

A complete jigsaw game, with easy control over the quantity of pieces that
the source images are cut in to.

Simply select a thumbnail from the menu screen, then the jigsaw will appear.
Drag a piece into the correct place, and it'll "snap" down locking it in place.

This game includes an extension to the Phaser.BitmapData class. This
extension adds-in a flexible piece cutting routine, allowing you to easily chop an
image up into however many pieces you require.

In the 'psd' folder you'll find the PhotoShop files used for the thumbnails.

The jigsaw images are all CC licensed and from https://pixabay.com

Sliding Puzzle

Sliding Puzzle Game Template

This is the classic Sliding Puzzle game. Unlike lots of implementations out there,
we don't use a 'random' starting layout, as otherwise the puzzle will be unsolvable
50% of the time. Instead we use a puzzle walker function. This allows you to see
the puzzle before-hand, and then it gets all manged up, ready for you to solve.

You can control the number of iterations, or steps, that the walker goes through.
You can of course provide any image you like to the puzzle, and it'll adapt and resize
without changing much.

In this example template there are 3 pictures, and as you solve them, the walker
increases in complexity each time, making it harder to solve.

This web site has some create tips on solving Sliding Puzzles:

Word Search

Word Search Game Template

This template is for a complete Word Search game.

Use the mouse to click a starting letter, then drag a line through the other
letters tiles. They will highlight as you move across them. Release the mouse,
and if it's a match the word will be struck off the list, and highlighted in
the letter grid.

You can drag the selection line in any direction, even selecting words backwards.

Using the WordSearch.Game properties you can easily change the word list, and
colors used during play, such as the highlight line, or word tint.

In the 'psd' folder you'll find the PhotoShop file used to generate each of the
letter tile sprites, should you wish to replace the font, or change the style
of the tile. If you change the overall size of the tiles, be sure to update
the `tileWidth` and `tileHeight` properties accordingly.

The `gameWon` function is purposely left empty, ready for your own use.