Create a clear path so the explosive Oddbod character floats away safely by removing a range of obstacles as fast as you can!

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Oddbods: Looney Ballooney is a fun puzzle game starring the Oddbods character ‘Fuse’. In this game, Fuse is holding two balloons but is blocked from floating away by various obstacles.

You have to clear whatever is stopping him without popping his balloons! There are over 20 levels that start basic and slowly increase in difficulty. Along the way, you’ll be challenged by anything from cactuses and birds to ninjas hurling shurikens.


What’s helpful about the game is that it gently introduces new challenges to ensure you understand how to deal with them without making it too difficult.

Each level features a score counter that decreases over time. At the end, you’re given a score out of three stars based on the time it took to complete. You can look back at your score and replay old levels to improve your score!


Oddbods: Looney Ballooney is a single-player game available to play in your web browser for free. Help Fuse float away now! Just head over to CrazyGames and play Oddbods: Looney Ballooney in your web browser using your desktop or mobile device.

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