Click to advance your brave dwarf warrior along the Bridge of Doom! Fending off goblins, spikes and more on your way.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 7th Mar 2019.   @photonstorm


Bridge of Doom is a fun platform game with a unique concept. You must control your fierce and braze dwarf and help him pass over the deadly bridge of doom! You will encounter many enemies and obstacles on your way.


Black Moon Dev originally built this game for Global Game Jam 19, but since then they've polished it up and released a new version to CrazyGames, and a whole lot of fun it is too!

You must simply click to move your hero - each click moves your hero one space forward. To destroy the goblins, you must click rapidly - be careful though if you click too much, you could fall on a trap! Time your moves carefully but move through the deadly bridge of doom as quickly as you can!

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