Blast down the infinite waves of incoming drones in this superbly fast-paced shooter. It starts out peaceful, but ends anything but.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 13th Feb 2019.   @phaser_


"The Plutonians are not happy with us calling their home a 'dwarf' planet. So when they discovered a trick in the space time continuum they sent an infinite number of drones to attack Earth. We created an energy weapon that can siphon off the energy from the drones weapons. This powers the Earths vessel and creates a powerful energy shield. Remember, don't let even one alien escape!"

Poving Games released this intense shooter based on the classic Phaser Invaders example and then taken it into complete overdrive! You don't have to shoot, that is done automatically. You just move left and right and blast away the plutonains. It all starts quite calmly and you'll no doubt do a perfect clearance of the first few levels.


But then it starts getting faster, and faster. By level 20 your ships at such an insane rate, and the invaders fire at you so fast, that the screen is literally filled with hundreds of bullets and explosions. It's intense and extremely fun!

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