Another massive update lands! With new features for cameras, lighting, texture cropping, tinting and many, many more.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 13th Jul 2018.   @phaser_


It has been exactly one month since 3.10 was released and now we're back with 3.11 :) As usual the Change Log is significant, so please take your time to digest it. There are a huge number of significant improvements including lots of updates to the Camera system including camera alpha, deadzone support, fixes to bounds calculations and the smoothness of follower scrolling.


I've also recoded the Texture Tint Pipeline, which was the main pipeline in use by WebGL. As well as removing over a thousand lines of duplicate code I've consolidated lots of common functions and more importantly, moved the rendering to the Game Objects themselves. This means if you now do a custom build of Phaser you can shave off loads more KB than ever before.

Also new in 3.11 is support for texture cropping! You can now crop Game Objects with your own rectangle, which is extremely handy for things like progress or health bars without needing to use a mask.


There's a new Tint Mode as well, which allows you to fully tint an object with any color - great for making your sprites flash white when hit! Bitmap Text has been given a shot in the arm as well. With new bounds calculations, multi-line support, cached callback data and speed improvements everywhere.


Tilemaps have also been improved. I recoded the way in which tile culling was calculated. It's faster than ever and provides lots of new culling options for you. From cull padding to disabling it entirely, or even providing your own cull callback function. Dynamic Tilemap Layers also now work with the Lights2D Pipeline :) (see below)


It doesn't end there - thanks to community contributions we also added rounded rectangle support to the Graphics class, the ability to scale TileSprite textures, Rectangle intersection tests and lots more.

There are, of course, plenty of bug fixes and updates too. I'd urge you to carefully read the Change Log, especially if upgrading from an earlier version in an existing project. Hundreds more areas have been covered with documentation too. We're very nearly there with regard to 100% documentation coverage.

3.11 is yet another huge release and represents tireless effort on my part to get it into this shape. My aim has always been to continue the mission of enhancing Phaser 3 as quickly as I can. It means releasing significant updates in relatively short periods of time. But it also means I'm jumping on bug reports as quickly as I can, keeping the issues list total nice and low (the vast majority of the items in there are feature requests now!) - a massive thank-you to all of you who support Phaser on Patreon and PayPal. It's your support that allows me to work on this full-time, to the benefit of everyone.

The Change Log for this release is massive and contains lots of important updates. I would urge you to please read through it as there are some API breaking changes inside certain areas.

As usual, grab the latest build from GitHub, npm or CDN and see the full Change Log for details.