Creating a basic multiplayer game with and Phaser 3.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 21st May 2018.   @photonstorm


Game Dev Academy have published a new tutorial series on creating a multiplayer game in Phaser 3 using "In this multipart tutorial, we will be using Phaser 3 and to create a simple multiplayer game. For our multiplayer game, we will follow the client-server game architecture. If you are not familiar with the client-server game architecture, the client is responsible for displaying the game to the player, handling the player’s input, and for communicating with the server. The server on the other hand, is responsible for broadcasting that data to each client.

The goal of this tutorial is teach you the basics of creating a multiplayer game. You will learn how to:

  • Setup a Node.js and Express server that will render our game and communicate with it.
  • Setup a basic Phaser 3 game that will act as our client.
  • Use to allow the server and the client to communicate.

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