Set Phaser to Game Development

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 14th Jul 2015.   @phaser_

This meet-up is set for Thursday, July 30th 2015:

"So you wanna make games in JavaScript? You should. Its fun, rewarding, challenging and educational. However, even a quick glance at the world of javascript game development is overwhelming. There scores of engines and frameworks; each with different costs, levels of support, speed, features and ease of use. Where to start?

Set phasers to …er.. Phaser!

Phaser is a fast, free and fun Open Source JavaScript game engine. Its got the right mix of complete features and community attention. Pew Pew, lets make stuff!!!

Your presenter will be Jesse Harlin, all the way from OKC!

Jesse loves JavaScript, algorithmic music composition, and Amanda. He is the R&D department and client-side architect at Telogical. He co-founded OKC.js, ThunderPlains, and the Techlahoma Foundation. Find out more at"

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